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Nonferrous metal alloy reachs classification

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What is nonferrous metal alloy, the answer is; Serve as matrix with a kind of nonferrous metal, join a kind or metal of a few kinds of other or metalloid element, what comprise have base metal already the epicene, material that has certain and specific sex again, call nonferrous metal alloy.

The classified method of nonferrous metal alloy is very much, normally have the following two kinds; One, press the systematic classification of alloy; Alloy of 1 heavy nonferrous metal; Include copper alloy, be like red copper, brass, copper-nickel alloy, nickel alloy, zinc alloy, lead alloy and stannic alloy. Alloy of 2 light nonferrous metal; Include aluminium alloy, magnesium alloy to wait. Alloy of 3 precious metal; Include silver-colored alloy and platinum a group of things with common features alloy. Alloy of 4 rare metal; Include alloy of titanium alloy, tungsten alloy, molybdenum, niobium alloy and rhenium alloy. 2, press utility classification; 1 wrought alloy (forming uses alloy) . 2 casting alloy. 3 bearing alloy. 4 presswork alloy. 5 hard alloy. 6 solder. 7 master alloy.

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