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Russian enterprise develops Australia iron mine together in

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The reporter is versed in from Chinese metallurgy division group company learns 3 days, smelt metal group combines Ye of tycoon of Russia iron and steel to not in the group that pull at present, with 400 million bay yuan buy Australian Lan Bai is especially project of angle iron mine. This is afterwards group of steel of junior high school will be bought so that produce company of department of business Chinese and Western to accuse equity hind to Australian iron ore in open market in July, another when Chinese business carries out successfully iron ore that cross a state is bought case. The expert inside course of study points out, chinese business buys resource of the iron ore outside the condition successfully, cost of raw material of steely to reducing home company has strategic sense.
Mine of angle iron of Lan Bai spy is located in Australia Pierbate area, already resource of ascertain iron ore is measured 15. 600 million tons, predicting foreground reserves makes an appointment with 2 billion tons, ore breed is magnetite, iron metal content is in 31. 2 % is controlled. According to the agreement, russia Ye nots the group that pull at present invests 75 % , smelt metal group invests 25 % in. The project is bought reach later period development to just be in charge of financing by Russia, the project always contracts by in just assume. All iron concentrate products after project building all supply Chinese market, concentrate of the first batch of iron 2009 can start shipment.
Front courtyard of Shen He of group general manager seductivelies dressed or made up to express to reporter of Xinhua News Agency in, cartel buys the Russia in passing, use international the investment lever of strong sth used to one's own advantage, smelt metal group was finished with lesser investment in buy, got the iron ore resource with all mine of angle iron of Lan Bai spy, made contribution to ensure the supply of domestic iron ore. The project that wins at the same time always contracts contract, can drive nearly 2 billion dollar exit of homebred and heavy whole set of equipment.
China is the biggest steely production country on the world, also be the country of iron ore entrance with the biggest whole world, imported iron ore 2007 3. 800 million tons, occupy global iron ore the half left and right sides of marine gross.

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