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Start working of harbor of the harbor that connect the cloud builds commercial a

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5 days, formal start builds even cloud harbor port commercial and transportation center of major of ore of 300 thousand tons of class. This action indicates harbor of the harbor that connect the cloud strides cavalcade of big harbor of international deep water truly, will be Jiangsu coastal deepness development, north of industry of iron and steel of long triangle area moves to offer even cloud port admirable condition.

According to connecting cloud harbor harbor relevant controller introduces, project of dock of major of ore of 300 thousand tons of class is reformed at will developing via the country this year in July appoint official sanction give an official, this project designs initial stage of year of the ability that receive discharge to be 12 million tons, long-dated it is 15 million tons, dock water front is 410 meters long, 38 meters wide, liu Yu forms gross area to be 421080 square metre about, total investment is 15. 9.3 billion yuan of RMBs. It is reported, after give an official of project of dock of ore of 300 thousand tons of class, domestic and international famous consignor, ship-owner and large steelworks in succession focusing connects cloud harbor. Singapore group of 10 thousand nation will spread out collaboration with haven, group of sanded steel of Jiangsu of business of national oversize industry will with joint venture of company of new Su Gang dock of ore of 300 thousand tons of class, nanjing iron and steel combines limited company in advance settle of 4 million tons of steely projects connects cloud harbor board bridge industrial district.
That day, before start working celebration, company of new Su Gang returned even cloud harbor group of group of 10 thousand nation, as sanded as Singapore steel to sign joint-stock cooperation agreement jointly.

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