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Head steel closes with coal build 3 million tons of steely projects

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Raw material involves the pressure that raise ceaselessly, make be contacted more cheek by jowl downstream on iron and steel. The group that be the same as coal announced recently, will with head steel group collaboration builds 3 million tons of steely projects. And other steel mill also begins to strengthen the strategic cooperation with coal company. This is not industry of iron and steel of sortie of first time of the group that be the same as coal. 2005, wait for the steely enterprise of Shanxi with limited company of fine iron and steel through recombining Shanxi, the group that be the same as coal held water to be the same as company of coal group iron and steel, and will with head steel cooperation is new steely project, also be the foundation that is in company of iron and steel of the group that be the same as coal aspirant travel.

According to iron and steel of the group that be the same as coal the development of the company plans, the first pace should wash out existing and backward blast furnace establishment, perfect steel rolling, blast furnace is gas reclaim wait for establishment, make productivity of existing plant area reachs the scale of production of 1.2 million tons of 1 million tons of iron, steel; The 2nd pace is different ground builds project of 3 million tons of steely mills, and this one project will by head steel group is participated in. As we have learned, the steely industry that 3 million tons of steely projects regard the group that be the same as coal as one of 5 big industries, already was included Shanxi to save metallurgical industry " 915 " the iron and steel in developing a program is produced can the priority discipline that displacement and industrial structure optimize. And this project also had entered materiality to boost level, both sides had been held build a project in all harmonious meeting, can grind beforehand to the project the report undertook discussion, it is formal to the project project approving next.
Be in early in fact 2006, head steel group signed strategic cooperation agreement with the group that be the same as coal, with coal group group of preferential, favourable Xiang Shougang provides coal resource, head steel group is project of 3 million tons of steely mills to offer sufficient technology to support kimono Wu, achieve powerful powerful combination, advantage thereby complementary, resource is shared, both sides passes a year of much negotiation later, finished what build steely project to 3 million tons finally to be able to grind beforehand report.
To steelworks, the most important raw material is iron ore and coke, and since this year, iron ore price is climbed again and again litre while, coke price is rise steeply more, become source of pressure of steely the biggest cost. The steel in the basis assist newest statistic, large and medium-sized first half of the year average steel-making cast iron creates steely production company 57.57% (will rise compared to the same period June 70.21% ) , causing the main reason that cost rises is outside buy price of raw material, fuel rise in price substantially. Among them every tons of gush blows coal to purchase charge on average to rise 36.85% , coking coal rises 61.63% (will rise compared to the same period June 94.86% ) , metallurgy is anxious rise 81.8% (will rise compared to the same period June 113.42% ) , entrance mine rises 53.86% , homebred mine rises 95.35% .
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