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Division of banking of Yu Jiabao of new developed area of Tianjin thrust seaside

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2008-09-29 12:2 of division of banking of Yu Jiabao of new developed area of Tianjin thrust seaside8:37 comes from the message that amounts to Wo Si forum to divulge, tianjin asks according to overall planning, the plan is used 5 to 10 years of time, yu Jiabao construction of financial division development becomes the throughout the country banner, international the finance with perfect, perfect service reforms top-ranking, function and innovation base.

The important composition that Yu Jiabao is shopping centre of business affairs of center of seaside new developed area board piece, area 3.46 square kilometer, be located in south bank of north of Haihe River of area of Tianjin pond buy, thing on the bank of 3 close water.

Enrol business to offer good whole world to business affairs center exterior condition, group of motor-car of border of Beijing ferry city will introduce Yu Jiabao. After railroad of high speed of border of city of prospective Beijing ferry introduces Yu Jiabao, need many minutes 50 only to Yu Jiabao from Beijing. (New capital newspaper)

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