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The installation method of stainless steel conduit and common carbon steel are b

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The installation method of stainless steel conduit and common carbon steel are basic and identical, there is following craft demand on certain technology.

Swing of material of 1 stainless steel, cannot contact directly with other metal, should add the metalloid material such as stow-wood board or rubber slab.

2 pipe cut does not allow to use common emery wheel piece cut, should use stainless steel special emery wheel piece or plasma cut.

Inside of the welding line when 3 stainless steel are in charge of material and pipe fitting tack welding should undertake argon is protected full.

3 arc and receive arc, remove arc to use the method that answer solder, receive arc to answer cram arc hole. Arc must be finished inside groove since, prohibit be being hit in surface of capable person of mother of conduit, pipe fitting arc and remove arc. If have arc and discovery of place receiving arc,the blemish such as stomatic, crackle should be handled in time clean.

Pipe fitting and conduit of 4 stainless steel, stainless steel conduit, pipe fitting and blame stainless steel the join of material qualitative conduit, pipe fitting, soldering butt joint connect reachs cavity a person operating from within in coordination with outside forces to be full of argon to enrage protection inside the canal before render solders, ability undertakes solder of arc of tungsten pole argon.
An arc of many 5 multilayer welding, place receiving arc should stagger each other.

When material of 6 stainless steel solders continuously, the temperature between its layer does not exceed 60 ℃ .

The welding line that 7 conduit join solder mouth is in, solder hind should undertake pickling and passivation are handled.

Hydraulic experiment checks pipeline of 8 stainless steel gentle water quality has water to ask certainly, its water is warm must not be less than centigrade 5; The chloric ionic content in water must be gotten be more than 25Pmm

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