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Activation is immanent motivation- - exert oneself of the hot factory that join

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Activation is immanent motivation- - exert oneself of the hot factory that join press hard against each other advances 6 σ and 2008-08-21 10:4 of TPM management scanning5:19
6 σ , TPM is the important concept that efficiency promotes enterprise interior and method, solid and effective advance 6 σ , TPM, can promote employee quality, improve product quality, reduce manufacturing cost, obtain better economy to raise a cost, enhance company efficiency, benefit and competition ability. It is the inherent power that the company expands consequently. - - in picking the process that in stainless steel joint-stock company from Liu Fuxing general manager 6 σ and TPM management advance congress to advance essence of life to refine energetically in the company, introduced two important concepts and method, this is 6 σ and TPM. At first sight, the job that " of exotic of these two so called " and we are pursueing is so unfamiliar and distant. But learn through development and apply stage by stage, workers discover amazedly, habit of behavior of down to of these two tools and our management, operation is so inseparable. Can realise this need an arduous process really. The experience of the hot factory that join press hard against each other is, this arduous process is unremitting and the standard pushs the work in order. Advance 6 σ in order to count according to talking σ expresses " of " standard deviation in statistical concept, it is the amount of a statistic that uses rate of descriptive data disperse. The level means 6 σ quality 1 million times to make mistake 3.4 limitation do not exceed in the opportunity, perhaps saying is the percent of pass of 99.99966% . This is a kind of concept that uses data presentation completely and method, be analyse and advance what be a foundation with data, it is important to say with data the word is his so one of features, also be its science sex is important reflect. From this, in heating up the process that driving even make friends mill 6 σ , emphasize again and again and pay attention to particularly talk with data, say with data the word is perforative in each job, in striving to blend in the behavior means of each employee and working habit. Make workers firm establish two concepts through real data: One of, each job can use data to talk, without exception; Secondly, occupy talking ability in order to count to reflect the progress rate of each job truly only, data can reflect authority and scientific sex more. This year January portion, one-time heavy award knows party card of the hot factory that join press hard against each other definitely X80 produces great skill difficult problem tackle key problem personnel 20000 yuan, the Hou Anquan of manufacturing technology chief that highlights contribution to making among them rewards 10000 yuan. This thing causes intense echo in entire plant, say with its this is right tackle key problem the affirmation of effect, would rather say this is the high evaluation to occupying conversation in order to count. The production of X80 cop steel is cosmopolitan difficult problem, be in to ensure this steel is planted the stable and efficient production of 2250mm hot-rolling working procedure, tackle key problem group staff pour into a large number of painstaking effort, major breakthrough achieved in respect of difficult problem of 10 many technologies, make production of make friends line tends stage by stage stable, objective quality reached domestic banner level. Hou Anquan says, in fact the process that the process that X80 tackles key problem talks with data namely. To get the metabolic value of all sorts of data in rolling process, hou Anquan and tackle key problem come-and-go of the member that comprise moves back and forth at the relevant working procedure such as ministry of hot-rolling line, character and technical center, collect concerned data to undertake systems analysis in great quantities, crouch defend data is collected in circumstance of rolling of observation of spot of make friends line. Once, to get a group of important data, hou Anquan stood in reel-up area in succession 3 many hours have observation, two legs in cold wind lost consciousness almost. Pass strong thrust to enter, heating up the factory that join press hard against each other in order to figure the working way according to conversation to be popularized stage by stage come. Enclothe incentive and entire plant, apparent performance to examine a system to talk with data entirely, facilitate and built " to fulfil one's duty the responsible, rich culture atmosphere that goes after outstanding " ; 6 Xigema is black take a project to reach what all sorts of innovation start effect project to carry out, from the current situation description, target fulfils progress process is will explain with data, will analyse with data. Open 1549mm of the hot factory that join press hard against each other and 2250mm of two lines " quality weekly " , thickly dotted it is data and form completely, covering of all kinds each quality index, simple quantitative change to turn trend and quality information case, make quality promotes the job to have specific aim and actual effect sex more.
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