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Reinforcing steel bar of promotion high strenth is right energy-saving reduce a

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The Heibei that a few experts will be in report 29 days to hold on August 29 saves xinhua net Shijiazhuang " guideline of technology of application of HRB500 class reinforcing steel bar " express on the press conference, popularize reinforcing steel bar of the Ⅲ class of high strenth, Ⅳ class energetically, replace the Ⅱ class reinforcing steel bar that at present our country uses generally, right resource conservation, energy-saving reduce the platoon, shock-proof import that decrease calamity great. According to hall of Heibei province construction chief engineer Feng Changsuo introduces, the component of product of reinforcing steel bar of our country is Ⅱ class, Ⅲ class, Ⅳ class (HRB500) wait for a brand, among them, reinforcing steel bar of Ⅲ class, Ⅳ class adds the alloying element such as vanadium, niobium, titanium in smelt, consequently the metal organizes grain fine, intensity tall, tenacity solders well, easily, have taller aseismatic property. Beautiful, flower, day, heart, Russia Euramerican reached southeast Asia country to use Ⅲ class reinforcing steel bar generally already, some is using the Ⅳ class reinforcing steel bar with higher intensity, and our country still applies with Ⅱ class reinforcing steel bar at present give priority to.
2007, crop of reinforcing steel bar of above of class of our country Ⅲ 34 million tons, the 1 / that holds total output of reinforcing steel bar only 3, crop of reinforcing steel bar of Ⅳ class above and dosage are very few. Senior engineer Li Yi makes the same score Inc. of titanium of Cheng Dexin new vanadium say, according to the design intensity of different name reinforcing steel bar, reinforcing steel bar of use Ⅳ class compares capable person of section of reinforcing steel bar of use Ⅱ class 28 % , than using material of section of Ⅲ class reinforcing steel bar 14 % , the energy-saving beneficial result that decrease a platoon is enormous. From this managing carriage, field, artificial expense is very considerable also. In addition, because Ⅳ class reinforcing steel bar is aseismatic performance is good, fight fatigue, high temperature resistant with microtherm function admirable, great to the shock-proof meaning that decrease calamity.

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