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Our country head " green is steely " factory complete put into production

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A few days ago, by cornstalk of Chinese iron and steel industry -- first when saddle steel builds own design, technology always is in charge of, factory of iron and steel of concept of first modern green is in the our country that has contemporary world advanced level put into production of complete of circle of battalion mouth Spanish mackerel. This is saddle steel fulfil industry of national iron and steel to develop policy, get used to economic globalization, move toward a of the international market major project that has epoch-making sense, also be saddle steel afterwards western after base of plank of 5 million tons of modern high-quality goods, the rolled steel of another modern high-quality goods that own design, compositive, construction builds whole technological process produces base. This purpose builds go into operation, optimized structure of saddle steel product and industrial position not only, enhanced the competition ability of saddle steel product in the round, all-around satisfied the user different need in breed norms respect, and actual strength of integrated to promoting a business competition, development international market, make the steely company that has international competition ability most, enter the world 500 strong, have great real significance and far-reaching historical sense.
Saddle steel is in strategic perspective lock surely circle of battalion mouth Spanish mackerel, it is to be based on the deepness of pattern of diversity of internationalization of pair of economy globalization, market, competition to think. Through " 95 " , " 15 " the large-scale technical reformation since, especially what engineering technology of old quarter of the eastpart part equips is perfect rise with western the building of base of high-quality goods of plank of modernization of new developed area put into production, the integrated productivity of saddle steel already attained 16 million tons of scale, inland old plant area has done not have the space of technological process layout and leeway, content shedding have a change of luck, environment bears the weight of wait to already was become restrict an element.
Spanish mackerel circle is located in distant east of the Bohai Sea with mid peninsula bank, be located in annulus Bohai Sea and northeast inferior the center that economy encircles, back shipbuilding, heavy machinery, car creates the northeast district that waits for traditional heavy industry to develop hinterland of length and breadth of land, it is northeast area participates in international economy to cooperate the most convenient, most a big talk of economy. The area with Spanish mackerel distinctive circle the development bottleneck that the advantage is helpful for saddle steel breakthrough regarding inland as for a long time steely enterprise, make saddle steel is in gain advantage of development land predestined relationship while, the connection association that strengthened as domestic and international as what vigor is full of downstream on industrial catenary advanced business further, harmonious cooperation, be helpful for participating in international competition extremely, realize the internationalization of higher administrative levels, bigger range and wider field to manage. Besides, this project arose to economic progress of place tremendous pull a movement to use, to it the project of form a complete set is in in succession developing zone settle, make capital attraction of battalion mouth developing zone and project construction lift new climax, at present preliminary already form the group of 5 characteristic industry such as the contemporary metallurgy course of study that is a delegate with saddle steel, carry out to Liaoning " 5.1 line " development strategy and revitalized base of northeast old industry to give very strong prop up.
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