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Each district strengthens a colliery to install check coal to furnish to will de

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And other places of Shenyang of Shanxi, Henan, Liaoning strengthens colliery examination in succession, the expert inside course of study points out, coal supply decreases or will generate support to market price case.

As we have learned, shanxi will come to will begin mine company safe production inside complete province limits on September 28 from September 17 special superintend and director investigates the work. Henan was saved recently also to sit a meeting, the requirement increases a colliery to examine strength, cogent eliminate safe hidden danger; Should increase consolidate strength, the concentration that has paid pair of colliery companies mainly clears rectify, implement the directive that rectifies to stop production of small coal mine strictly. Meanwhile, shenyang city also begins concentration the special punish such as library of colliery, gangue.

"Each district strengthens colliery examination in succession, the production of small coal mine will be the key of the examination undoubtedly, bring what coal furnishs possibly to decrease from this. " Li Chaolin of coal industry expert expresses to newspaper of Shanghai negotiable securities.

Actually, personage of the analysis inside course of study thinks generally, occupy market share to make an appointment with the small coal mine of 1/4, whole or part will suffer examination effect, coal supply quantity will decrease.

The reporter notices, big mine and small mine pay equal attention to is one of characteristics that at present our country coal supplies, this decided small-sized coal is very big to the influence of coal market.

Association of Chinese coal transportation and sale an expert ever disclosed to the reporter, although in last few years local colliery crop is occupied than dropping, but still on the high side. According to its statistic, 2007 colliery of villages and towns (namely small-sized colliery) , crop of state-owned colliery, state-owned key colliery occupies the place to be than parting 40.3% , 12.8% , 46.9% .

And according to restful negotiable securities a research reports statistic, the crop of colliery of countrywide villages and towns was 959 million tons 2007, the proportion that holds countrywide coal output is 38% . Additional, afore-mentioned experts admit at the same time, our country has nearly 40 million tons coal gap first half of the year this year, with the coal of small coal mine supply decreases direct and relevant.

In fact, the electric coal that our country appears first half of the year this year is nervous, investigate its reason just is special to small coal mine inspection brought about coal output to drop 2007 be caused by. "The country is denied all the time to this about the branch, but the fact is such truly. " a personage inside course of study expresses, safe production of this round of colliery is opposite each district coal supply generation is how old influence " bad still to say " .

The reporter also observes, at present the whole nation especially coastal region coal supplies southeast relatively before this 3, 4 months are relatively enough already, crop of small coal mine affects geometry to make judgement hard really to the market.
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