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Chinese metal a dangerous situation: Second borrow the crisis " butterfly fan wi

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Dance on point of a knife be destined to take a risk. On October 8, singapore appears on the market company China metal (Ferro China, singapore trades code: 35844) banner leaves stop production of 5 companies all, taiwan tall canal is missing. Morrow, company announcement, because of current economic crisis, the group is insolvent 706 million yuan of RMBs that are about to expire borrow money, additionally 4.623 billion loan and bill are about to expire, the part may be weak pay off. (Refer to our newspaper to will report on October 13 " division great " sudden death " " )
The reporter investigates discovery with all possible means, the Changshu star island below Chinese metal division is burgeoning building materials limited company (abbreviation " astral island " ) with limited company of data of great of division of Changshu of Changshu economy developing zone (abbreviation " division great " ) , be two channel that Chinese metal dallies with an interest to carry.
Second borrow wing of crisis butterfly fan
Chinese metal ases if fall between one night.
8 days of mornings, still many agents collect money into the account of company of great of the division below Chinese metal division. And doorway of division great factory, a lot of already collected fund to division great factory from hundred thousands of to a few ten million outside bag business is awaiting dun.
The clues that reflects nervousness of Chinese metal fund is only " on September 17, singapore media reports, chinese metal is seeking investor. Chinese metal is seeking investor..
An employee tells a reporter, those who cast the person of travel to look around is very bank of latter foreign capital, much, but do not know whether they invest.
Some bank public figure tells Jiangsu the reporter, the high level of division great will seek loan outside in July, ever had talked with lucky letter at that time.
Afore-mentioned bank public figures think, because capital catenary ruptures,island of division great, star closes down is, it is reported has loan of financial group of abroad of 140 million dollar to be about to expire. Foreign bank suffers second lend crisis influence, do not agree to be this loan extend a time limit. Among them, the Xiang Kehong that spend a banner offerred 85 million dollar to borrow money, will expire on October 17.
To the enterprise, capital catenary ruptures far more terrible than deficit.
He expresses, "Suffer second lend crisis influence, national Day grows a holiday a few days, iron and steel and slump in price of other heavy goods, the loss of instant of goods in stock of these enterprises 30% . Go to a bank with these goods in stock guaranty makes new loan, the amount that lends not only is less than once upon a time, appear even the bank does not borrow a phenomenon. This aggravate the predicament of division great and astral island. This aggravate the predicament of division great and astral island..
Afore-mentioned bank public figures express, the outside loan to Chinese metal, exaggerate somewhat, the bail of take out low risk, accept, actually the risk n of whole bank is 3.6 billion to 3.7 billion yuan of RMBs, in addition owe an agent, outside the person such as bag business makes an appointment with 800 million yuan of RMBs.
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