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Saddle steeliness is built go abroad to produce first stainless steel board belt

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By the first stainless steel of domestic that company of heavy-duty and mechanical finite liability makes saddle steel board belt furnace coils rolling mill aircrew has assembled a workshop to undertake assembly debugging in machinery plant of this company clever hill. This rolling mill unit that charges a limited company of group Long Gang to make for green hill broke saddle steel to weigh aircraft company to be able to make the history of equipment of monomer rolling mill only not only, also fill aircrew of rolling mill of stainless steel of domestic production whole set is blank.
Stainless steel board belt furnace coils content of technology of rolling mill set is very high, main by rolling mill of thick rolling mill, essence of life, turn bosomy type flies cut, reel-up machine, straightening machine, carry the structure such as roller path the monomer equipment composition with high demand of complex, production precision, production difficulty is great, quality demand is high, workload is very big. In home, two original stainless steel furnace coil rolling mill product line all introduces foreign device. In Feburary 2006, green hill controls a group limited company -- what home produces stainless steel technically is large specialize in an enterprise to decide to invest Long Gang of construction green hill in Long Gang project of metal strip of 600 thousand tons of stainless steel belt, silicon. This, they did not introduce stainless steel product line from abroad like other company, decide look lock in home to create a company however.
Company of saddle steel serious aircraft is the backbone company that domestic metallurgy creates, have stronger smelt, cast, forging, riveting solder, heat treatment, machining and assemble capacity, pass especially in last few years technical reformation and technical innovation, equipment standard and technical craft level had huge to rise. Green hill accuses a group course to make an on-the-spot investigation for many times, decide a production stainless steel finally board belt furnace coils the important task of rolling mill product line gives company of saddle steel serious aircraft.
The stainless steel that saddle steel makes this for steel of green hill dragon board belt furnace coils rolling mill is a whole product line that includes facility of of all kinds monomer, equipment gross weight many tons 5000. The saddle steel of line of this is whole to never making this kind rolling weighs aircraft company is a challenge. Aircrew of this rolling mill involves smelt, cast, forging, riveting solder, heat treatment, treatment, assemble, equipment is debugged wait for each process, since beginning to make in June 2006, the difficulty that encounter exceeds original imagination. Before difficult problem, saddle steel weighs the technical personnel of aircraft company to did not shrink back, they inquire a data with all possible means, prove repeatedly, solved all technology difficult problem final and satisfactorily, the stainless steel that assured a Gao Shuiping, high level, high quality board belt furnace coils development of rolling mill product line is successful.
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